Fraud, Waste and Abuse

We encourage Members to report any possible healthcare fraud, waste or abuse to the CHRISTUS Fraud HOT LINE  855-771-8072, which is monitored by the Special Investigations Unit. An Investigator will return the call or an anonymous message can be left.

SAFTEY TIPS: To protect your privacy, a standard practice is to avoid sharing any personal health information, unless you are seeking treatment at a familiar healthcare facility, or if Emergency Services personnel are treating you. Personal Health Information should only be discussed in person or over the phone when a Member is absolutely certain to be communicating with an authorized healthcare representative.

It’s possible a Member may experience or observe an unusual incident involving a healthcare Provider, another Member, an unknown person, or may receive an unexpected healthcare related phone call or email. The incident may involve an offer for treatment, services, or a request for personal healthcare information, such as your health plan Member ID.  If a Member receives a phone call, a standard practice is to ask to return the call, in order to validate the number is familiar, well-known, and published i.e. the telephone number printed on the Member ID card. If an email is received, do not click on any “links” in an email received from an unknown sender. The email can be forwarded to the Special Investigations at

Possible Fraud Should Be Reported if:

  • You experience an unusual healthcare incident
  • You receive an unexpected phone call, asking for your personal healthcare information,
  • You receive a call, email or letter asking for payment for a treatment or service not performed 
  • Someone asks you to pay for a new healthcare insurance card
  • Anyone asks to borrow or use your healthcare card
  • You are offered cash, goods or services in exchange for unnecessary healthcare treatment

If you suspect your healthcare treatment does not seem normal or standard, it is possible the practice does not meet compliance standards. Please report any issue of possible non-compliance to a CHRISTUS representative or email
Please report suspected fraud, waste or abuse to CHRISTUS using one of the following methods:

Fraud Hotline: 855-771-8072
Secure Fax:    210-766-8849
Dedicated email:
Mail:      CHRISTUS Health Plan
              Special Investigations Unit
              919 Hidden Ridge Drive
              Irving, TX 75038

Please report suspected healthcare non-compliance to CHRISTUS using one of the following methods:
Dedicated email:
Mail:                        CHRISTUS Health Plan
                                Compliance Department
                                919 Hidden Ridge Drive
                                Irving, TX 75038

Main Phone: 469-282-2000 (Ask the Concierge for the Special Investigations Unit)