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Our Health Plan Network

CHRISTUS Health Plan maintains a provider network in accordance with regulations regarding provider ratios and monitors the adequacy of the network to ensure provision of quality care and services to its members. The number, type and distribution of practitioners, pharmacies, and ancillary services are monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure the network is sufficient to meet the needs of members. Evaluations of network availability may include but, are not limited to, geographic distribution analysis, member-to-provider ratios, member and provider satisfaction surveys, and analysis of member grievance information.

Below are a list of helpful links to assistant you in selecting the right provider for you.

Glossary of Specialties and Provider Types

Our online glossary of definitions of provider types and specialties that are offered within our networks. Learn more.

Hospital Based Providers

Hospital Based Providers Participating in CHRISTUS Healthcare Exchange in Texas


Hospital Accreditation

  CHP and USFHP Hospital Accreditation

Printable Provider & Pharmacy Directories

Individual & Family Plans


Medicare Advantage

US Family Health Plan

Request for Out of Network Providers

Members may request services from doctors who are not in the network, if they can show that there is not a needed type of doctor within 75 miles of the member. Please call CHRISTUS Health Plan's Customer Service at the toll-free number on your ID card if you have questions about your doctors or need access to a specific type of specialist. Requests will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Report Directory Inaccuracies

To report inaccuracies within the online provider search tool please:


  Toll Free: 1-844-282-3100 or TTY 711

Verify Your Providers Board Certification

A list of online resources to verify that the provider that you have selected board certification status. Learn more.